Bus Passenger Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Using Available Information from Automatic Data Collection Systems in Chongqing, China

2013 CMTEE

Author: Suping Chen,  Daizong Liu


This  research explores the application of  available  information  from Automated Data Collection  Systems  (ADC)  with  a  focus  on  bus  passenger  Origin-Destination  (OD)  matrices inference, using Chongqing as a case study. It demonstrates the feasibility and ease of applying to infer bus passengers’ boarding and alighting locations  if  boarding information  is  available  from neither Automatic Fare Collection  System (AFC)  nor  GPS  data, and  is the first known attempt to  create an algorism to use  stop  Geographic Information  System (GIS)  and dual-direction bus stop group to estimate the boarding location and traveling direction when GPS data cannot provide the arriving information at bus stops.  The results of this research  have been practically applied to a  full-size  bus  network  in  Chongqing,  and  can  be  easily  implemented  to  other  Chinese  cities  as Chongqing presents most popular data structure of ADC in China.