Caofeidian Eco-city West Zone Pedestrian and Bicycle System Planning

Caofeidian Eco-city West Zone Pedestrian and Bicycle System Planning

Project Summary: 

Part of Bohai economic zone, Caofeidian Eco-city is located in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The Eco-city is approximately 220 km from Beijing, and 140 km from Tianjin. The location provides Caofeidian with excellent opportunities for development. As guided by the masterplan of Tangshan Caofeidian (2008-2020), the eco-city aims to develop a comprehensive public transit system complete with light rail, BRT, and public buses by 2020. The plan is underpinned by ambitious goals for transit ridership; aiming to have 50 percent of all trips occur on public transit, and no less than 35 percent of trips by foot or bike.

Pedestrian and Bicycle System Planning for Caofeidian Eco-city west zone covers a area of approximately 50 sq km. The planning objectives are as follows: 

  1. Create a high-density non-motorized road network, and to provide a non-motorized transportation planning guideline.
  2. Build a non-motorized green corridor which can accommodate recreational and commuting activities, and improve the non-motorized traffic environment.
  3. Form human-scale, pedestrian friendly streets and community spaces, and activate the life of the eco-city.

The plan allocates a green corridor along the river and park system, separating non-motorized traffic from vehicular traffic. The plan also features several north-south corridors which integrate the city’s central business district along the bay with residential areas and university areas further inland. The riverside business district and university areas are priority areas for pedestrian activities leading to the creation of pedestrian-only routes in these districts, along with public spaces and parks.

Location: Tangshan, Hebei Province
Area: 50 km2
Completion time: 2013
Client: Caofeidian Eco-city Committee