Changning Hongqiao Low-Carbon district pedestrian and bicycle pilot project

Changning Hongqiao Low-Carbon district pedestrian and bicycle pilot project

Project Summary: 

Changning Hongqiao district is one of Shanghai’s eight “low-carbon develop pilot districts”. As one of “Shanghai Changning Low-carbon Development” projects, the “Low Carbon District Green Transportation Planning, Design and Implementation Plan” includes non-motorized transportation, parking, new energy vehicle research and site-targeted transportation planning and design. The non-motorized transportation planning, design and implementation portion received assistance from Gehl Architects in the production of the project’s conceptual design.

Main concepts:  

  1. people-oriented design
  2. separation of driving, cycling, and walking lanes

Main strategies:

  1. wider bike lanes
  2. wider pedestrian sidewalks
  3. provide curb side-parking where necessary
  4. decrease curb turning radiuses at intersections
  5. prioritize bus and bike traffic at intersections
  6. introduce pedestrian and bike markings
  7. provide proper street furniture

CSTC’s Role: 

  1. Management and Coordination
  2. Comprehensive Transit User Survey
  3. Transportation System Evaluation
  4. Technical and Drafting Support

Location: Changning District, Shangha
Population : 58,000 (Residential) 90,000 (Commercial)
Area : 3.15km2
Completion time: TBD
Client: Changning Development & Reform Committee
Partner: Shanghai City Comprehensive Transportation Planning Institute, Shanghai Transportation & Logistics Research Centre, Shanghai Academy of Development & Reform, Gehl Architects, Denmark