Panlong River Pedestrian and Bicycle System Planning and Design

Panlong River Pedestrian and Bicycle System Planning and Design

Project Summary: 

Kunming has a tightly-knit old city center, covered with flowers and lush vegetation year round. Yet similar to other cities in China, the city’s share of bicycle trips fell from 54% in1995 to 25% in2011, while 1,000 new cars were added each day. The north-south Panlong River is the mother river of Kunming and serves as a structural backbone to the city. The river connects the central city with a range of city neighborhoods and new town developments on the outskirts as well as the surrounding landscape, including the mountains in the north and to the Lake Dian in the south.

The Panlong Riverfront revitalization project was launched in 2011, as part of an overall city strategy to create a high quality pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation network. The riverfront project acts as an anchor for a greener and more sustainable Kunming by creating a livable urban environment that highlights the city’s unique character and use of space. The project’s goal is to transform the riverfront into a green transportation corridor and high-quality public space, enhancing non-motorized mobility and the livability of urban environment.

Main strategies include:

  1. Maintain the area’s renown natural landscape
  2. Promote connectivity and continuity for bicycles and pedestrians
  3. Expand circulation and accessibility in the Panlong area
  4. Create living, interactive public open spaces.

CSTC’s Role:

  1. Provide Management and Coordination
  2. Conduct Transit Survey
  3. Consult and Contribute to Designs and Drawings

Completion time: First phase pilot completed in Jun 2013
Location: Kunming, Yunnan Province
Area: 25km2
Client: Kunming Planning Bureaau
Partner: Kunming Urban Planning & Design Institute, Kunming Urban Transportation Research Institute, Gehl Architects, Denmark