Changping Future Sci-Tech City NMT Planning

Changping Future Sci-Tech City NMT Planning

Project Summary: 

The project site is located in the Future Science and Technology City of Changping District, Beijing. It covers 1.6 square kilometers and will be the core business and commercial area of the district. The plan follows demand oriented principles, aimed to create a well-connected, user-friendly, safe and enjoyable non-motorized travel system. The vision focuses on “connecting” and “concentrating” activities. By providing high quality non-motorized paths between the central area and surrounding areas, connections between these areas can be strengthened, especially between the “core island” and the surrounding areas. These connections are critical in increasing the site’s livability and vitality.

Based on demand analysis, the design gives 9 general proposals that recommend appropriate road scale, road density, building setbacks, and building frontage control, as well as intersection design, all of which prioritize non-motorized travel. The area’s non-motorized travel paths are laid out based on maximizing pedestrian and bike ease of access. Conceptual design schemes and requirements are made at key locations, as in the cases of the path that passes the area’s central park, the one around its artificial island, Yanglin alley, the area’s pedestrian bridges, and the conflict points on Lutuan Rd. where bus transit merges with pedestrian and bike flows. In addition, CSTC developed Bike sharing strategies and conducted a feasibility study of an electric cart system for the area. Finally, a design tool box for pedestrian and bike transit with implementation examples was given.

CSTC’s Role:

Under the guidance of Gehl Architects, CSTC accomplished all the work required by the project.

Location: Changping Future Sci-Tech City, Beijing
Total Development Capacity: 2,100,000-2,500,000m2
Area: 1.6 km2
Completion time: Mar, 2012
Client: Changping Planning Bureau
Partner: Gehl Architects