Zhuhai North Station TOD Planning

Zhuhai North Station TOD Planning

Project Summary: 

The North TOD study area rests on a man-made shore line and aims to create a successful, livable mixed use district. The area is a prime location for realizing smart growth principles and will be developed using the Sustainable Transportation Center’s Design Guidelines. The design will bring urban, pedestrian-friendly living to the site while maintaining much of the natural landscape and beauty of the area.

By re-organizing the plan into walkable, mixed-use transit centers, residents, workers and visitors alike can enjoy the benefits of a walkable environment. A streetcar system operating along the spine of the site will transport people to work, home and other locations, and ultimately feed a network of neighborhood parks and civic facilities. Local bus lines will connect neighborhoods that are not served by the streetcar, thereby providing a continuous system of transit connectivity. Between neighborhood and open space amenities, a robust system of non-motorized travel (bikes) will have dedicated lanes within major street Right Of Way.

An extensive road and transit system will connect the site to the rest of the coast, hillside forests, community parks and the waterfront. The waterfront area will be developed with a harbor, a system of parks, and a mixed-use business district creating one of the prime locations of activity and amenities for the site. An extension of Zhuhai’s Lovers’ Road will follow the waterfront.

The proposed plan for Zhuhai North TOD illustrates eight ‘Design Themes’ that expand on the CSTC’s Design Principles. While generally following the set guidelines, these Design Themes cater specifically to the Zhuhai site.

  1. 1) Unify the site with a landmark harbor, Lovers’ Road and transit boulevard.
  2. 2) Orient development around transit facilities.
  3. 3) Create a network of green streets, linear parks, and incorporate Lovers’ Road.
  4. 4) Connect the site to surrounding uses and communities.
  5. 5) Create walkable, human scale environments.
  6. 6) Balance uses and densities.
  7. 7) Develop a series of unique public destinations.
  8. 8) Deploy state-of-the-art ecological systems.

CSTC’s Role:

  1. Management and Coordination
  2. Transportation Evaluation
  3. Transportation Simulation of Key Area
  4. Implementation Phasing Strategy
  5. Rendering and Video

Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
Population: 401,440
Area: 28km2
Completion time: April, 2013
Client: Management Committee of Zhuhai National Hi- tech Industrial Development Zone, Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Planning and Construction of Zhuhai
Partner: Calthorpe Associates, U.S.