Our Mission

China Sustainable Transportation Center (CSTC) is a nonprofit organization that engages in sustainable city planning, sustainable transportation design, and research on relevant policies. CSTC is committed to promoting the intensive land use and the transit-oriented urban development and advancing walking, cycling and the development of public transportation systems through reasonable layout of urban space and roadways, so as to help China’s cities from the beginning of urban planning to effectively reduce energy consumption and air pollution, construct human-centered communities and transportation systems, take preemptive opportunity in energy-saving and emission reduction, and create a low-carbon, sustainable future.

CSTC excels in the following areas:

  1. Developing the new urbanism-baaed, transit-oriented planning of the low-carbon and sustainable cities and road networks to improve the human face of the urban environment and economic vitality, and create greater space for the sustainable growth of cities;
  2. Planning, design and policy research of urban public transportation systems;
  3. Planning, design and policy research of urban cycling and walking systems;
  4. Transportation planning, and the construction and application of simulation model;
  5. Construction and evaluation of the carbon emission model based on the urban transportation behavior and planning system; and
  6. Publicity, education and training activities in connection with the aforementioned areas.